Stasher Sandwich Bag 828ml Yellow Sea

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Featuring our exclusive banded design, each bag is unique and represents the dazzling hues of our planet’s incredible seas. Inspired by some of the most endangered aquatic regions on earth, 1% of every sale will benefit Surfrider Foundation and key initiatives like ocean conservation, coastal preservation, clean water protection, and the prevention of plastic pollution.

The Yellow Sea's hue is caused by sands carried from the Gobi Desert. It's shallow waters contain rich marine life, but industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, and domestic sewage are turning the waters brown.

  • 100% pure platinum food-grade silicone

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Patented Pinch-Loc™ seal

  • Endlessly reusable

  • Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe

  • Sustainable, planet-friendly alternative

  • Write on it – label contents and food prep dates with a washable marker!

  • Note - there have been changes made to the way Stasher now measure the capacity of the Stasher Bags, therefor the capacity on the Sandwich Bags has changed. Previous bags may state the capacity is 450mls. It is now 828mls. *Please note - there have been no physical changes to the size or dimensions of the bags

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